Auto accidents are something we’d prefer not to think about. They’re scary, dangerous, expensive, and a huge pain in the neck – often literally. Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life, and the odds are that at some point in your life you will be involved in some type of car accident. It can help to understand the common types of car accidents out there, so you can prevent them and know how to respond if they are impossible to prevent.
5 Most Common Auto Accidents

  1. Rear-Ended. Far and away the most common collision on the road is a rear-ended collision. Maybe you were following too closely, or the kid behind you didn’t notice the tail lights until it was too late. Utah winters mean slippery roads and decreased brake efficiency. Being rear-ended is difficult to prevent, but you can avoid rear-ending others by leaving adequate distance and slowing down.
  2. Clipping another car as you merge, change lanes, or drift in a lane is also common. These accidents are fairly preventable. Be sure to use your blinker, merge and change lanes as early as possible, and leave plenty of space for other vehicles. If you notice other cars making these mistakes then a combination of brakes and steering can protect you.
  3. Low-Speed. Collisions are common in parking lots, where visibility is congested with pedestrians and other cars, and being in reverse limits vision. These collisions are usually very minor, but you can prevent them by going even slower, using brakes and headlights, honking to communicate your location, and trying to be aware of all angles.
  4. Single Car Crashes. It seems silly but many crashes involve only your vehicle. It can be drifting and hitting a median, spinning on ice into a curb or mailbox, overcorrecting, or other factors. Do your best to avoid any distractions while driving and maintain a legal and reasonable speed.
  5. Cross-Traffic. Intersections and other areas where a vehicle will cross traffic going in an other direction can cause problems. Drivers sometimes run lights or stop signs, or fail to yield the right-of-way. You can avoid this by taking an extra beat at lights and stop signs, looking around to see if other drivers are stopping, avoiding close or narrow windows for “shooting the gap,” and using slower speeds.

Not all crashes are the deadly wrecks you see on the news – the common crashes are usually small and minor. But they are still potentially dangerous and always a thorn in your side. Driving defensively can cut down on your chances of accident, but if you do find yourself facing an auto accident – call an auto accident attorney to help you get all the insurance and repayment you are due.