The thing about accidents is they are just that – accidents. You can’t really prepare or expect them. They come out of nowhere, they’re scary, and they can be incredibly expensive. In the event of an accident, things happen fast. It’s over before you know it and often shock and adrenaline are in full force. Your reaction to an accident is important, but can often be problematic. Between the adrenaline, stress, confusion, and emotions may drivers make mistakes in the post-accident actions and decisions. It’s hard enough. The last thing you need is to fall prey to some of the common car accident myths.

5 Common Car Accident Myths:

  1. “Just Exchange Information.” Often in the event of an accident drivers will just exchange phone numbers or insurance information. But sometimes those numbers can be fake, or they will refuse to answer your calls. Don’t risk it. Call a police officer to file the proper information, and don’t talk to other insurance companies or admit fault at any point.
  2. “Insurance Covers Everything.” Many drivers make the mistake of assuming that everything will be taken care of because they pay for car insurance. They are dismayed to find that a lot of common car accident issues are not covered by their insurance. There are a lot of loopholes, so it’s important to be aware of your policy coverage.
  3. “If you don’t report injuries right away, they won’t be covered.” Actually, some injuries will flare up later, or not manifest themselves until you try a new activity or the stress wears off. It’s incredibly important to be checked out right away just to be safe, but if you notice injuries later you can still get help. Just be aware of the statute of limitations.
  4. “You can file a claim yourself.” Well, this is technically true, but it actually turns into a myth in practice. You CAN file an injury claim yourself, but it’s likely to take so much more time, money, and effort than you initially think.
  5. “Accident attorneys are just too expensive, and not worth it.” An accident attorney is actually the fastest route to getting the money and care that you deserve. Accident attorneys generally just make money when YOU make money, so they are motivated to quickly resolve your case with the maximum payout.

In the event of an auto accident it is difficult to get things straight and do things right. Being aware beforehand about the common car accident myths and how to avoid them is the first line of defense to help you manage the issues that can arise.