There are few things more messy and frustrating than an car accident. Of course you’re never prepared for a car accident, and the aftermath is always more than you bargained for. There are injuries, paperwork, repairs, and an unending stream of headaches. Add in a legal or insurance battle and the stress only multiplies. Many of our clients look back and wish they had done things differently in the aftermath. Today we’re sharing five of the most common mistakes that hurt auto cases. You may not be able to avoid them all, but awareness can help you act smarter in times of stress following an auto accident.

5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Auto Case

  1. Leaving too Quickly. After an auto accident, the most common mistake is leaving too quickly. Either you don’t notice the damage, just grab a phone number, or even flee the scene. It’s critical that you stay as long as necessary and retrieve all the information possible.
  2. Not Filing a Police Report. Most insurance claims need one, and they always bolster a legal argument. Even if it seems minor or trivial, police paperwork can be the difference between a win and a loss.
  3. Admitting Fault or Lack of Damage. Under no circumstances should you admit fault, or tell anyone that you are physically unharmed. You may not be certain of either of those claims, and yet they can be used against you.
  4. Outstanding or Past Auto Cases. If you have unresolved legal action or a history of auto accidents it can harm your case. While it may be possible to avoid, it could still be an uphill battle in the event of a new auto case.
  5. Lack of Evidence. If you fail to take pictures, save information, record events and data, or get eyewitness accounts, it can make your auto case much more difficult to defend. Gather and retain as much evidence as possible – and immediately. Save everything and get more evidence whenever possible.

Even if you have made any of these mistakes, it is still possible to obtain a favorable resolution to your auto case. Experienced legal counsel will be able to overcome most of the issues, but if you’re able to avoid these common mistakes your case may be faster and more successful. Be aware and be ready, just in case you find yourself with an auto cases in the future – may you be safe and reach a satisfactory conclusion to your auto case.