Auto accidents are scary, even when they’re minor. They are an unexpected attack on your safety and daily peace, not to mention a physical disruption in your day-to-day function for both you and your vehicle. And the only thing that makes it worse it that AFTER the accident you will have to deal with mounds and mounds of paperwork, insurance companies, and medical professionals. It’s a seemingly never-ending list of to-dos and problems to tackle. Many people end up giving up on their insurance claims when things get too complicated or big mistakes have been made.

We are here today to help you manage your auto accident case, we’re also here to present 5 of the most common mistakes that can ruin your auto accident case, sometimes before you can even start managing it! Read through these and be sure to avoid them in the case of an accident.

5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Auto Accident Case

  1. Not Getting a Police Report. Many insurance and medical companies require police forms and legal documents to process and pay out your claim. It’s incredibly difficult and sometimes impossible to get a police report after the fact if you don’t call police and get a filed report.
  2. Not Seeing a Doctor. Even if you think you’re ok, you should get a quick check up at your earliest convenience. If you fail to see a doctor but have medical issues later it can be difficult to convince your insurance that the injury is related to the accident.
  3. Giving an “Official” Statement. Often insurance companies will ask you to sign or leave an official statement with them right away. It’s ok to file a claim and inform them of the accident, but often they can use your lack of information at the time to avoid paying out the full amount.
  4. Using the Cheapest Auto Shop. If your insurance company requests that you use their “preferred” auto body shop, they may use them because they are cheaper or just do quick assessments. Instead get your own quotes or go to an auto shop that YOU trust.
  5. Not Getting Legal Help. This is the most critical, and tends to hurt the most in the long term. Getting legal consultations or an auto accident attorney can help you navigate the process seamlessly and also increase the amount you will get repaid. Don’t wait until it’s overly complicated or too late to get legal help for your auto accident case.

Accidents are scary and complicated, but if you take a minute to slow down and be sure to do things right – and get legal help – you can come out of the auto accident safe, taken care of, and ahead!