Have you been in a wreck?

Have you been in a wreck?

Make sure to consider these five things to help the process go more smoothly for you:

Stop and Look Auto Accident Attorneys in Utah

1. Stop and Look

You may be in a brief state of shock after you have been in an auto accident in Utah. Take a moment to look around and assess your surroundings. There is likely traffic moving past your vehicle and you don’t want to mistakenly get into another accident as a pedestrian. Be safe!

Call the Police and Auto Accident Attorneys in Utah

2. Call the Police

Even if the accident is minor you should call the police. A police officer will gather contact and insurance information from both drivers and then you can obtain a copy of the report so you can contact the insurance companies and set up a claim. Contacting the police shows the insurance company that the accident took place and which parties were involved.

Take Photos for Auto Accident Attorneys in Utah

3. Take Photos

After it is safe, get out of the vehicle and take photos with your phone. Take photos of:
• The scene in general
• The damage on your vehicle with a reference point to show size (pointing with your finger can help)
• The other vehicle
• The distance between your vehicle and the other vehicle
• The field of debris from the accident (this can show the insurance company how the impact occurred if there is a dispute in the facts of the accident), windows on the vehicle if they are broken
• Interior vehicle photos
• Photos of injury (cuts, scrapes, skin redness from the impact, bruising)

Seek Medical Treatment for Auto Accident Attorneys in Utah

4. Seek Medical Treatment

Injuries can vary widely and you may or may not have a high tolerance for pain. Do a self-assessment for limited range of motion with joints (including the spine), stiffness and pain. Sometimes people feel fine at the scene of the accident, only to slowly tighten up over the next few hours until there is pain. Every Utah auto policy has at least $3,000 in medical coverage so that you can get some medical care after an accident without paying out of pocket. If you are injured, seek treatment immediately so you don’t have problems later on.

Report the Claim - Get an Auto Accident Attorneys in Utah

5. Report the Claim

Contact your insurance company and report the claim soon after the auto accident. Your insurance company will explain the process and take down the necessary information so you can get the benefits that you have paid for.

Depending your situation, there may be more things to consider. Call us right away and we can set you in the right direction so you don’t cause yourself unnecessary problems. Whether you choose to retain us or not, we are happy to speak with you over the phone about your auto accident.