Dog Bite

One of the most sensitive injury claims can be when you or someone you love is bitten by a dog. The injuries can range from minor to serious, and the circumstances vary greatly. Sometimes it’s strange dogs owned by unknown parties or strangers, but often dog bites are coming from the pet of someone you know. Being bitten by a dog you know is often more traumatic, and the aftermath can be incredibly uncomfortable. The injuries can be real, but many people are hesitant to pursue insurance or medical claims because it could damage a relationship with the friend or family member who owns the animal. But there’s a better option!

Using the accident specialists at TJ Auto Law can help you to manage the situation without stepping on toes, damaging relationships, or burning bridges. TJ Auto Law can help you to get the medical and insurance help you need after an accidental dog bite or other injury, as the claims are often a little tricky to process. You can rest assured that our attorneys can work peacefully and professionally with all involved parties to resolve the situation without discomfort or conflict.

If you’ve suffered a bite or injury at the hands (paws) of another’s pet, do not assume that you have to cover all the costs of the injury yourself or completely ruin the relationship. TJ Auto Law’s accident team can offer you a happy medium.

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