It can be difficult to know when a situation has gone “too far,” right? Sometimes things start out simple or harmless, but they can quickly turn into a mess. A fender bender ends up being way more damaging to your car than you expected, or a dog bite that ends up infected, or a slip-and-fall injury that started out as soreness and turned into major pain.

Do i need to a hire an accident attorney now? Most people want to avoid running to an attorney right away because they don’t want to make too much out of nothing, or they’re worried about the cost, or they don’t want to offend or ruffle any feathers.

Suddenly it’s a week or a month or several months down the road and everything is much more complicated than you thought. You wished you had just trusted in an accident attorney right away to save yourself all this trouble.

When do you need to hire an accident attorney?

It’s a good question. Let us give you a few situations in which securing an accident attorney would be a good idea.

    1. If you work full time. There are a variety of sub reasons, including that you may be likely to miss work or lose your job due to injury or time lost, and an accident attorney can prevent financial strain due to your job and injury. Another reason is that when you work full time you simply will not have the hours in the day necessary to pursue appropriate insurance & legal action.


    1. If the other party is uncooperative or evasive in any way. Don’t wait or give them the benefit of the doubt that “oh, it’s just traumatic!” because you could find yourself fighting them for months or years to come. An accident attorney will help all parties get down to business.


    1. If your insurance is complicated or difficult. You would think that an accident attorney is fighting for you against the other party, but often your accident attorney is actually fighting for you against your own (or the other party’s) insurance company! If your insurance company is making your process difficult or confusing, don’t be taken advantage of – hire an accident attorney right away.


  1. When you know the other party at fault. This seems counter-intuitive, but most problems with accidents can occur because we are too trusting of those we know and love. We can let our emotions get the better of us in tense or fragile situations. An accident attorney may seem an extreme step in a friendly conflict, but it will maintain the boundaries of professionalism and ensure smooth resolution.

Of course, there are many more situations and reasons which would call for an accident attorney – the severity of injury, financial situation, insurance or lack thereof, but overall these four circumstances are those in which an accident attorney will greatly improve your process and get you the repayment and healing you deserve.