Premises Liability Claims and Slip-and-Fall Cases

A common area for complicated insurance claims is that of premises liability, or slip-and-fall cases. Premises liability refers to accidents occurring because the owner of the property (or an employee) creates or fails to resolve a situation that is potentially dangerous. If you sustain an injury due to an accident on another person or business’ property, you will need to file a claim to have your insurance and medical needs met appropriately. Slip-and-fall claims are some of the most common that fall under the umbrella of premises liability, and generally occur when you have reasonable expectations that an area is safe or secure but dangerous conditions are actually present.

There are many everyday examples of premises liability, but here are a few of the most regular:

  • An employee of a business cleans the floor and forgets to put a warning sign up and you fall on the wet floor.
  • A stairway has enough steps that there should be a railing to hold on to, but there isn’t one. You might not realize that there is no railing until you have fallen and it is too late.
  • A property owner has failed to repair worn or damaged surfaces that cause hazardous situations.
  • You may be walking through your neighborhood at night and then trip on a sidewalk slab that has heaved and is now lower or higher than the slab next to it. A lip of ½ inch is likely enough to be considered dangerous.
  • Your child may be attracted to a man-made structure on another’s property and is injured after playing with it or using it. Children have extra protections afforded to them because their judgment is not as sound as an adult’s. If your child is injured in that kind of situation, then we recommend you speak with an injury attorney right away.


There are many more situations where one can be hurt on another’s property. If you have been injured in some other way and think you might have a case, call and talk to one of our accident specialists at TJ Auto Law or a free case review.