Spring and summer are the most common times for people to move. Whether it’s the convenience of having school out, the better weather, or the speedier construction process, now is the time for moving in and moving out. Moving is always a hassle, but without the proper precautions it can also be dangerous. Taking care to move safely can make the difference between a quick move and a day in the emergency room. Today we’re sharing with you some tips for keeping your move safe.

Safety Tips for Moving Season

    • Avoid the hottest part of the day. It’s not always possible, but if you can move during early or late hours the temperatures will be more tolerable. Providing sunscreen and water for everyone helping to move you will go a long way.
    • Assess property. Familiarize yourself with the property before you begin moving boxes and furniture. If there’s cracked cement, a sagging stair, slick pavement or any other issues you will want to be aware before you’re inching backwards with half a couch in your arms.
    • Practice proper lifting. A quick demonstration may seem cheesy or unnecessary, but it can’t hurt. Show everyone how to lift with their legs, remind them to use their core muscles, and always support the bottom of the box.
    • Secure the Load. Even if it fits well within a truck bed or trailer, be sure to properly secure any load. You don’t want anything to slide off your vehicle in traffic or hurt anyone.
    • Use new and supportive boxes. Even if you have to buy them, it will make moving and protecting your items much more safe. You don’t want a box to give way and drop things on the stairs as you move into or out of a home. New boxes are more sturdy and stable.
    • Eyes Out. It can be easy to leave a loading truck or open house unattended as you move and load. Thefts can occur in the process of a move, and you may not even notice for a week or until you’re fully unpacked. Assign someone to always stay in sight of the moving truck, and someone to be inside the house until it can be locked up.
    • Babysitting. Young children can get into serious trouble or even danger on a moving day. There are box cutters out, heavy and fragile objects, trucks and trailers, and lots of chaos. Getting some babysitting for your children will make a moving day much easier and overall safer for your entire family.

This moving season you may be helping friends or family move, or maybe you’re moving yourself. No matter what the case may be – it’s always worth it to plan a little safety into the process. Not only will you move more safely, but the efficiency may leave you enough time to grab some really good pizza before the movers all leave. Good luck!