You’re standing on broken glass, looking at the tangled mess that USED to be your functional car. Maybe you’re just lucky to be standing. This scenario happens all too frequently for hundreds of Americans every single day. Auto accidents are a serious cause of death, injury, and financial burden. They are also a simple fact of life. Most people will experience some type of car accident in their lifetime – hopefully minor. But what if it isn’t? If you have been involved in a major auto accident, you need to know what options are available to you, where you can turn for help and if you should hire an accident attorney.

Your first calls will likely be to medical aid, police, and your insurance companies. First you need to get immediate help and to assure the safety of all individuals involved. Then it’s important to carefully assess the damage. Have you been hurt? How hurt are you? What damage has been done to the vehicles in question? Can fault be determined? Documenting everything during this process is critical. If all goes well, between police and insurance companies you should receive repayment and help on your medical and auto claims that is fair and honest. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Many individuals attempt to handle personal injury or loss claims on their own, and this can work for some people. If you have extensive free time, the claims are minor, or your insurance company is particularly cooperative, you may have no problems with filing your own insurance claims and contesting any problems. However, there are some circumstances in which you absolutely should hire an accident attorney:

  • When the accident causes long-term (around a year) or permanent (life) disability
  • Severe or complicated injuries that will take steps for healing and rehabilitation
  • Unfair or Unmet Claim Payments – if your insurance company won’t pay or only pays partially
  • Disputed Liability – if your insurance companies are withholding payment due to unproven liability issues
  • Expensive Medical Procedures, Bills, and/or Car Repairs
  • You work full-time with very little free time to dedicate to research, legal work, and court time
  • If at any point things get “messy” with the other parties, providers, or insurance companies

In the event that you or someone you love is experiencing any of these circumstances – get an accident attorney and FAST. Accident attorneys are able to triple your claims, protect your assets, and ensure that you get exactly what you are due after a difficult and harrowing accident experience. Don’t get stuck months down the road with nothing to show for your accident except a pile of expensive bills. Hire an accident attorney today!