Texting-Driving and Auto Accidents

It’s stupid and we all know it. But do you see it on the streets around you? Texting-Driving – you’ve probably even done it a little bit yourself, although you wouldn’t like to admit it. Most people are probably in the same shoes. It’s hard to resist the “ping!” when you hear it, especially if it could potentially affect where you’re driving to at the moment. What if they’re trying to tell you to go somewhere else or to kill some time before arrival? What if they’re cancelling plans and you show up without knowing? What if they really need you to stop for a gallon of milk on your way home? What if that cute girl finally texted you back or you’ve been anxiously awaiting a text from your child that they got home safe? It can be incredibly tempting to “just take a quick look!” at the text to see who it’s from or what it says. Unfortunately this can be deadly.

Even if you only look at your phone for a matter of seconds, you hinder your focus and attention on the road. Someone could brake suddenly, or a child could run out in front of your car. Even if it’s only a second with your eyes off the road, it will take your eyes and brain another couple of seconds to refocus when you return your attention to the road, and you may have missed something critical – like a car changing lanes or a light going from green to yellow to red. Obviously actually typing and sending texts requires more attention and is even more dangerous when you’re driving a car! But so many people are doing it!

It starts with you – you need to decide that you will no longer text and drive to keep yourself and your passengers safer. Not only that – you’ll be more alert, aware and able to protect yourself and your car from other hazards on the road. Commit to hands-free communication, or put your phone in the backseat if you’re tempted.

Now, when it comes to other drivers it gets a bit tricky. You can’t control them, and there are plenty of drivers out there who are distracted and impaired by their phones. So what can you do about them? Staying alert and aware of other drivers on the road is the first step. If you notice a car near you is texting and driving, give them space and be ready to brake or drive defensively if they drift into your lane or fail to yield properly. A quick honk can sometimes be a good reminder that they should put the phone down.

If you do find yourself in an auto accident caused by phone use, or any other driving setback, call an accident attorney immediately. They will help you to navigate the situation, file appropriate paperwork, deal with legal issues, and resolve any repayment quickly and efficiently. Choose someone you can trust, and be sure you get everything you deserve.