5 Easy Steps to Safer Driving

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are at risk, because other drivers out there can make bad decisions that impact us. But we can still take some steps to keep ourselves, and others, safe.

Accidents happen on our roads far too often. We are assuming some risk every time we get behind the wheel of a car and drive out on those roadways.

Slow Down.

There’s a reason this is #1. It’s because speed is a factor in so many collisions, and the speed directly correlates with the severity of the accident. The faster you are going, the more damage can be done. By making a commitment to slow down, no matter the speed limit, you can keep yourself safer.


Leave Early.

Many accidents are caused by frantic or distracted drivers, and many accidents happen in holiday, event, bad weather, or rush hour traffic. Simply by leaving early and planning your drives to give you plenty of time while avoiding peak traffic hours can keep you much safer on the roads.


Tailor Your View.

So many drivers are out there without a full view of the road. The next time you get in your car, take a minute to adjust your mirrors. Adjust the rearview and remove any obstacles out your back window. Adjust the side mirrors so you can see the lanes on either side of you. Be sure to remove any snow or ice during winter months.


Eliminate Distractions.

Commit today to absolutely no distractions when you drive. Put your phone in driving mode, or keep it in the backseat if you are tempted to check it while driving. Only adjust your audio when you are stopped and refrain from applying makeup or eating while driving, because it can prevent you from giving full attention to the road.


Drive Defensively.

Learning to drive defensively means thinking ahead to mistakes other drivers may make, such as running red or yellow lights, swinging into the wrong lane while turning, or not checking their blind spots. By carefully watching for signal changes, avoiding blind spots, and predicting the driving mistakes of others you may be able to prevent an accident before it even happens.

Making a few adjustments to your driving is a process, and you can learn those behaviors through practice. As you drive defensively, swear off distractions, keep your eyes on the road, slow down, and leave plenty of time for travel, you are giving yourself the best shot at avoiding auto accidents. But if you do find yourself in need of an auto accident attorney, we’re ready to help.

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