5 Keys to Finding the Right Attorney

The right attorney will be able to pursue legal recourse to protect your interests, shore up your future, and strengthen any claims or disputes you may have. The wrong attorney might increase your anxiety and decrease your chances of success.

Choosing an attorney to represent your legal interests is a huge decision that could turn the key on your future.  So how can you find the right attorney for your personality and purposes? We are sharing 5 steps today which will help you find and hire the right attorney.


1. Clarify your Situation

You need to be totally certain of the charges you might be facing, or the legal issues you need to tackle. Determine any charges, potential penalties, criminal history, or other relevant background. Assembling any paperwork and getting finances in order will also help move the process along.


2. Research Attorneys

Using the internet, advertisements, or suggestions from people you trust. Look for firms or attorneys who specialize in an area you need. Expertise matters, and don’t be afraid to travel a short distance to find the right attorney.


3. Ask for Testimonials or References

If you call a law firm you can request a reference for a particular attorney, or find reviews online. The reviews should reflect the type of experience you want to have. A personal referral will have more weight than one found online or offered by the firm.


4. Meet with the Attorney

Most trustworthy firms will allow for a free initial consultation. This consultation is important because it allows you to feel out the relationship between you and a potential attorney. Share your case and spend plenty of time asking questions and getting to know the attorney. At the end you should feel comfortable and confident, and the attorney should be able to provide you with a firm plan if you were to move forward – not just encouraging talk to get you on board.


5. Change if Necessary

If at any point in your legal process you are feeling less than confident, don’t be afraid to readdress your legal needs. Speak with your attorney about changes you’d like to make or concerns you are having. If they fail to meet your needs, you do not have to stay the course. Switch attorneys to find someone closer to your preference, and don’t subject yourself to an attorney who doesn’t take you or your case seriously.

If you are in need of legal help and not sure where to begin – start here. Call our firm for a free consultation or help determining the course of action which would be most successful for your particular legal needs.

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