Summer Vacation: 10 Tips to Travel Safer

How can you prevent tragedy on the roads? How can you keep your family and friends safe? Can you prevent or avoid crime?

As the summer winds down we see lots of families and groups loading up the car for a final road trip, vacation, or reunion. Between now and Labor Day weekend there will be an increase in vehicles on the roads, and unfortunately a corresponding increase in accidents. We have a few tips today to help you travel safer this summer.

Institute a Seat Belt Rule

The easiest thing you can do to travel safer is to ensure that everyone is wearing a seatbelt. You can also watch videos or visit a police or fire station to be sure that children are correctly strapped into their car seats.

Slow Down

A huge number of accidents could be prevented if speed was decreased, and the severity of almost every accident could be lightened with a slower speed. Just slow down.

Increase Following Distance

If you make a point to keep more distance between you and the car in front of you, the chances for collision decrease significantly. You can also keep a close eye on the vehicles around you.

Get an Oil Change

Get a quick oil change and check up for your vehicle, as this will alert you to any potential problems before you hit the road and encounter big issues.

Check Your Tires

Are your tires low? Do they have worn tread? You can fill, patch, or replace tires to keep your vehicle much safer for travel.

Pack a Cell Phone Charger

It’s very unsafe to be stranded somewhere without a charged phone. Keep phone chargers and external batteries accessible.

Avoid Distractions

Never use your phone while driving, avoid eating or looking for things, and you may even need to turn down the music or movie.

Appoint a Navigator

Choose someone to occupy the passenger seat and take control of directions, phone calls, and keeping an eye out for potential hazards.

Stock up on Supplies

Be sure you have updated license, registration, and insurance cards. Keep water and nonperishable food in the car. A first aid kit and some toilet paper is also a good idea.

Travel during the Day

Whenever possible, avoid late night or early morning driving. You are more likely to be drowsy, and so are the other drivers on the road, which can be unsafe.


We hope you round out this summer with a bang. Keep safe out there on the roads!

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