Top 3 Reasons You Should Hire an Accident Attorney

In the blink of an eye you can be facing pain, injury, loss, bills, and frustration that are entirely out of your control. It can feel hopeless and overwhelming.

Accidents are an unfortunate and unwelcome part of life. At some point each of us are likely to experience an accident at the hands of another person. Hopefully these accidents are minor, and can be resolved quickly without conflict or serious injury. But often we are subject to more serious accidents or issues that greatly impact our lives.

In moments like these, hiring an attorney can feel counterintuitive. “Do I really need one? Aren’t they expensive? Won’t that mean more money, paperwork, and time?” Individuals are tempted to handle things on their own or to ignore the problem entirely, wanting to disengage from the stress of the accident. However, hiring an accident attorney can make a huge difference for you, and we have 3 reasons to hire one today:


1. More Money in Your Pocket

Insurance statistics indicate that those who hire accident attorneys recover up to 3x the amount on their claims. It’s true! That means hiring an accident attorney can triple the amount of money you receive. It’s a little silly to worry about the overall cost of the accident attorney (which will often only come if you win) when it’s going to be three times more lucrative to hire one.


2. Professional Guidance

Would you try to mold your own cast and set your broken leg? Of course not! So why would you try to handle the complicated and convoluted process of legal documentation and paperwork all by yourself? You could be hurting your own claim by doing things wrong – and you wouldn’t even know it! Hire a professional accident attorney who knows exactly what to do and how to do it.


3. Time

After an accident, your primary focus should be on healing. Sometimes that can be a cumbersome, time-consuming task all on its own. When you hire an attorney to represent you, that takes the burden of dealing with insurance companies and healthcare bills to them which frees up your time to spend on taking care of your health and wellness.


If you are experiencing the fallout from an accident and considering hiring an accident attorney, schedule a free consultation with us to see if we might be able to help.

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