What Causes Sideswipe Collisions?

Sideswipe collisions are very common, though thankfully they are usually low-injury and low-impact. Still, sideswipe collisions can be scary, dangerous, and expensive. These types of collisions can cause unsightly damage to your car and even create driving anxiety in yourself and your passengers. Today we’re breaking down some common causes of sideswipe collisions to help you stay safe out there.


Bad Lane Changes

The number one cause of sideswipe collisions is when drivers change lanes poorly. Often this means the driver didn’t check their blind spot, failing to see that there was a car in the exact spot they’re trying to change to. Other times it’s drivers failing to stay in the appropriate lane during a turn. You can prevent this by always checking your blind spot and trying to avoid other driver’s blind spots.



There are a plethora of causes for drifting into other lanes, but they’re all dangerous. Texting and driving can cause drivers to accidentally sway into an adjacent lane, sideswiping other cars in the process. The same can happen with talking on the phone, eating while driving, looking down to reach for a purse or other items, and basically any other action that takes your eyes off the road.


Poor Parking

You are more likely to get sideswiped if you’ve parked carelessly along the side of the road. Even if you’re tight on the outer line, you may want to reconsider your parking spot. You could lose a rearview mirror, or even a door if you open it without checking for oncoming traffic!


Object Avoidance

It’s also common to have a sideswipe collision when you or other drivers are trying to avoid a person or object in the road. A child running after a soccer ball, or something falling off a moving truck could cause a serious collision if you need to rapidly swerve to miss hitting it. This can be hard to avoid, but work on your whole-road awareness. Being aware of the cars around you and any other elements in the environment around the road can help you prevent these types of collisions.



Traveling too quickly through a turn or in inclement weather can often cause a car to slide into another lane or improperly judge distance for a lane change, leading to a sideswipe collision. Slowing down in general, and especially in tight turns or bad weather, can prevent you from colliding with other vehicles near you.

Take the time to prevent sideswipe collisions with care and awareness. If you are the victim of a sideswipe collision – it’s time to call TJ Auto Law for help getting the insurance payout and coverage you need to restore your vehicle and peace of mind.

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